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Never Drag a Hose Again.

Say so long to your garden hose! Say hello to a perfectly hydrated lawn. ​With over 30 years of experience we can help you ensure your lawn stays lush and green.​


Have Glastonbury Landscaping and Irrigation install a brand-new irrigation system that will take the work out of keeping your lawn healthy. Or service your existing system to keep it working in top-notch shape, as well as get prepared for the winter. 

No matter your needs, we have a solution and service for you!


Image by Hamed Taha

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Put Your Trust in Our Locally Owned Business That Brings Beautiful Lawns to Life

"Best irrigation company in Glastonbury by far. Any other company isn't worth the time. These guys do it right and take the time to install and maintain a beautiful system." - Dr. Devvy

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