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Sprinker System Installation

Irrigation Design and Installation

We create sprinkler systems designed specifically to your properties needs. From design to installation, using quality Hunter equipment, we can meet your unique needs with ease. Learn more about Hunter here!

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Irrigation Repairs and Expansions

Our knowledgeable technicians will assess your current system and provide a comprehensive plan for repairs, modification or expansions. Our primary goal is to ensure that both your sprinklers and controller are functioning flawlessly, guaranteeing optimal performance for your irrigation setup.

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Irrigation Maintenance.

Preventative maintenance can work wonders, precluding issues before they arise, averting malfunctions. Our experienced technicians evaluate existing irrigation system for optimal performance. From start-up services to mid-season rechecks and winterizing your systems, our team is here to help.


Certified Backflow Prevention Device Testing

Certified testing of your backflow prevention device by a state certified technician to maintain compliance with the Connecticut Department of  Public Health.

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Put Your Trust in Our Locally Owned Business That Brings Beautiful Lawns to Life

"Best irrigation company in Glastonbury by far. Any other company isn't worth the time. These guys do it right and take the time to install and maintain a beautiful system." - Dr. Devvy

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